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Worship & Media Volunteers

Vocalists and Musicians

1. Complete the Worship & Media Volunteer Form

2. Schedule an in-person interview and audition with the Worship Pastor.

After you complete the Worship & Media Volunteer form, Pastor Jason will contact you to schedule an Interview and Audition Meeting. If you have not heard from him within 3-4 days (usually Sunday – Thursday), please contact him at

4. In-person interview and audition

The interview and audition process can take up to an hour and includes talking with Pastor Jason and singing/playing your instrument. You will sing/play both with Pastor Jason and alone as well.

5. Review and sign the VCCC Worship & Media Covenant

Coming soon.

6. Probational Worship & Media Team Assignments

This is the final step of evaluation. The step helps ensure that you are a good fit within the Worship Team. Things evaluated are musicianship, stage presence, blending with the team, etc.. This time period typically lasts 2 – 3 months, depending on how often you are scheduled for Sunday mornings.

7. Welcome to the Team!

Congratulations, you’re part of the VCCC Worship & Media Team!

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