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July 2022

As summer heats up, the completion of the New Worship Center is coming closer into view.  Although not much has been changing on the outside, we have made some great progress on the inside.  The drywall is all hung and finished, the first coat of interior paint is done, and the finishes in the Worship Center are coming together.  Wood ceilings, door frames, tile, and counters are all in the works.  The wood ceilings will feature a 3/4″ reveal between each board.  This not only adds some dimension to the surface but adds acoustical value by absorbing sound that may otherwise bounce around the room.

A trellis structure is being constructed between the existing Education Building and the Worship Center.  This structure not only provides some shelter for the greeters but is a wayfinding feature to indicate the best way to enter the campus.  It also provides some light for the pathway.
Although we have been very blessed by the timely arrival of material, please continue to pray that all of our audio and video equipment arrive on site by the time it is needed.

April 2022

We are continuing to make good progress on the New Worship Center. Over the last month, we have begun installing our air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems. A big portion of the electrical is the technology that will go into the audio and video systems. There are thousands of feet of cable to be run that will never be seen yet serve a very important purpose.
The trusses that support the upper roof have also been completed and the roof framed in. We will be looking to get the building dried in over the next few weeks as we move into the next phase of the project.
We have also started construction of the new Utility Building. Equipment and tools necessary to keep our new campus running well and looking its best will be kept here.

February 2022

With the New Year comes some exciting milestones in the project. Early this year, the foundation was completed, and shortly after that, the steel framing was erected. These steel frames carry the 68 foot long trusses that span the entire length of the Worship Center. Wood walls have been framed at the building exterior, and you can really start to see the building take shape.

The framing will be completed over the next month. Then, we will start installing the rough electrical, plumbing, and mechanical.

Please continue to pray for the project, asking God to protect the workers and the building during construction.

December 2021

Construction of the new Worship Center officially began on November 15th.

Below the slab, plumbing has been installed, and as well as the conduits to connect the sound booth and the stage. We have begun to place the concrete footings that will support the steel frame of the building.

With the start of the new year, we will finish placing the slab on grade and begin erecting steel columns and beams that comprise the main roof structure.

We are so excited to finally have the new Worship Center underway at Valley Center Community Church and hope that you will continue to pray with us for our new church campus.

September 2021

This past Summer (2021) with the completion of the Education Building and the temporary Worship Tent at our property on 20922 Cole Grade, we officially made our New Campus home.

This Fall (2021) we are now embarking on completing the first phase of our new campus with the construction of a New Worship Center.

The new Worship Center will provide seating for 400 people and give VCCC a permanent place to worship God and gather for decades to come. We anticipate having permits in hand and construction beginning within the next 3-4 months (December 2021). Once construction starts, the Worship Center will take 9-10 months to complete.

As we move forward with the construction of the new Worship Center, approximately $2 million still needs to be raised toward the cost of construction. If you would like to make a financial commitment to fund this project please click on the link below.

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