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Each Wednesday, join the leadership in praying specifically for the new campus and “For Such a Time as This.” Pray throughout the day and if able, join at the site of the new campus at 4:00 pm for group prayer.

New Update

Over the last twenty years, as we have prayed for a new campus, God has consistently and clearly shown us what steps we should take and when. He has always answered our prayers, and he has done so again.

As it stands today, we have the financial resources through money in the bank, the promised giving of our church family over the next ten months, and the asset of our current property, to construct one of the two buildings that will make up our new campus.

While our current building permit requires us to build both buildings at the same time, God answered our prayers, and the County of San Diego has granted us special permission to construct one building at a time.

After twenty years of planning and praying and working, construction on the first building of the new campus will begin at the end of September. By this time next year we will have a new church home. Thank God!!

What building will be constructed first?

The first building to be constructed will be the Education Building. While we look forward to having a new Worship Center one day, the Education Building has the space and versatility to accommodate all of our existing ministry needs and more. The Education Building contains classrooms, offices, a kitchen and a 1980 sq. ft. Multi-Purpose room that can be used for indoor worship services. (For comparison, our VC Rd worship center is 2068 sq. ft.)

With the completion of the Education Building, we will be able to move the entire ministry of our church to the new campus.

How long will it take to build the Education Building?

The present schedule anticipates project completion in July of 2021.

What about the new Worship Center, will that ever be built?

Yes. While we do not have the financial resources to construct the Worship Center today, we believe that, just as God opened the door and made it clear to begin construction on the Education Building, he will do the same for the Worship Center. In fact, if at any point during the construction of the Education Building we believe that we have the financial resources to construct the Worship Center, we will begin.


The new Valley Center Community Church campus will be built on the 20-acre church property on Cole Grade Road at the intersection of Fruitvale Road. The new campus will consist of:

Education Building

(To be completed July 2021)

• Children’s area with five classrooms (expandable to seven), providing almost 3,000 square feet of education and play space

• Dedicated children’s pick-up and drop-off area

• 1,000 square feet for youth activities and 1,000 square feet for adult activities, expandable to 2,000 square feet total for large gatherings (i.e., wedding receptions, etc.)

• Administrative office space

• Conference & counseling rooms

Worship Center

(Completion date TBD)

• Seating up to 400 people

• Vaulted center section with high windows for natural light

• Dedicated Family Room with a glass window allowing a direct view into the service

  Foyer and Welcome Center providing a great atmosphere for fellowship before & after services

Site Features

• Children’s play area

• 244 parking spaces

• Open courtyard for fellowship

• ADA accessible pathways throughout the entire campus

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