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We gather for corporate worship

What this looks like…

Gathering regularly and consistently with believers for Sunday corporate worship 

This is a commitment to gather with the church family for corporate worship unless illness or the unexpected prevents it


We grow spiritually through grace in our knowledge and application of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

What this looks like…

Committing to spiritual growth by consistently participating in some form of small group discipleship (i.e. Connection Group/Bible Study/Discipleship Group/2×2).

Committing to spiritual growth by personal study, reflection and application of the word of God for the purpose of pouring spiritually into the lives of others.


We give of our time, talents, and treasure in service to God and his Church

What this looks like…

Organizing our time so that being and making disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ takes priority in our life

Using our talents to serve in one of the ministries of the church

Using our treasure by giving regularly, generously, and sacrificially to financially support the ministry and needs of the church


We go into the world sharing the message of the gospel

What this looks like…

Being trained in how to pray for and share the gospel with the lost

Maintaining an active prayer list for the lost in your spheres of life

Sharing the gospel with our friends and neighbors

Participating in cross-cultural outreach

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