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In an effort to provide a reliable, comfortable and safe worship gathering space for the next year, we sought and received permission to set up the church’s 8,000 sq.ft. Worship Tent on the site of the new church campus for the next twelve months.

We will be holding one worship service every Sunday at 9:30am.

Why move Sunday worship services to the Worship Tent?

Worshipping under the tent allows us to mitigate not only the weather’s impact, but COVID’s impact on our gathering on Sunday morning. During the warmer months, the tent will provide shade. In the winter months, we will be protected from the elements as we can close the sides of the tent and heat the tent. In addition to this, the size of the tent allows us to spread out as needed.


Why put the Worship Tent on the new campus pad and not at the park?

With all the parking infrastructure completed for the new campus, along with the asphalt walkways being installed, access to the Worship Tent will be better and closer than what could be provided at the Park or even at the current campus. Additionally, the paved parking lot and walkways will offer greater stability during inclement weather. We are also planning to provide full bathroom facilities (not porta-potty’s) at the tent, an option that is not easily accomplished at the park.

Putting the Worship Tent on the new church campus pad at this time will mean that once the Education Building is completed, we will have the ability to use both places for worship ministry on Sunday mornings.


Will putting the Worship Tent on the new church campus pad impact current or future construction on the site?

No. The tent is being positioned on the pad in a location that does not impact any current or future construction. (Please see the detailed layout of the Education Building and Worship Tent)


Will we be using Building Fund money to put the Worship Tent up on the new church campus?

No. Any costs for putting up the Worship Tent and moving Sunday worship to that location will come from our General Fund Worship/Facilities budget.


Will we be able to offer Children’s or Adult Sunday school classes on Sunday morning?

Yes. We are developing options to once again offer Sunday School for the children of our church (nursery-5th grade) during the service, as well as adult classes before and after the Worship Service. Be checking the bulletin for more information.

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