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We’d love to hear yours.” tag=”h2″ text_align=”center” line_height=”1em”][vcex_spacing size=”50px”]

What has God been doing in your life? How has he brought you through the storms of life? What is he doing right now?

As we look to glorify God and “proclaim the excellencies” of him who saved us (1 Peter 2:9), would you share your story of how God has worked and is working in your life?

Don’t worry, we won’t do anything without your ok first.

Here’s how you can share your story:

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Write it out.

Don’t worry¬†– you don’t have to write a novel. Just take a few short minutes to write out what God has been doing in your life by clicking the button below.

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Submit a video.

We’re not looking for anything professional. Just you, your smart phone or recording device, and you sharing¬†how God has been active in your life.

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