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Share Your Story Using Video

We’d love to hear you tell your story in your own words. And you probably have the tools already to do that: your smart phone or a built in camera on your computer. Here’s a few of things to remember when making your video:

Go horizontal.

When recording with your phone, be sure to turn it horizontal. This is the direction that is displayed on TV and we’d like to see you as best as possible.

Use plenty of light.

Be sure to record in an area where there is plenty of light so we can see you as we watch the video.

Tell it in under three.

There’s always a lot to say, but make the most of your words and be concise in telling your story.

Don’t sweat the imperfections.

We’re not looking for perfection – just you telling the story of how God is working in your life. No need to edit, just send us your video as is.

Press the send button.

After recording your video, send it to Please include your name and contact info in the email.

Ask away.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Shoot us an email at

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