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Open to the public
Tuesdays, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Overcomers Outreach is a unique ministry which was originally born out of a deep need for a biblical support system for individuals and families who wrestle with alcoholism and other addictions and compulsions. As Christians, we may think that we should be immune to dependency on alcohol, drugs or other crippling obsessions. Many times God does provide total, instant deliverance from these addictions. But often He doesn’t, and Christians may remain trapped in a volatile struggle with them.  And in their guilt and shame, they battle alone, denying and covering up their behavior as it distracts them and their family from the power of the gospel to bring freedom from destructive dependencies, and reconciliation to strained and broken relationships.
Overcomers Outreach exists to facilitate the creation of communities of people who praise God, who study His Word, who work through a process of biblical transformation, who share with one another in confidence and who pray together for one another’s needs.

Please call Bob Fike, 760-751-0913, if you have questions for yourself or a loved one.

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