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Sunday Morning Worship Service Location is Changing!

On Sunday, April 23, VC Community Church will move our Sunday morning worship service from the Maxine Theater back to the Main Campus (on Valley Center Road).

 Why Move?

Nine years ago, VCCC made the decision to move our Sunday worship services from the Main Campus on Valley Center Road to the Maxine Theater. This decision was driven by a number of factors. Two of the more significant ones were…

  1. The widening of Valley Center Road at the time made access to the Main Campus difficult and eliminated over 30 parking spaces.
  2. The Main Campus septic system was outdated and was not able to accommodate continued use.

Since moving to the Maxine Theater, both of these issues have been addressed. The septic system at the Main Campus was upgraded and we have a lease with the property owner next door for additional parking spaces.


How Does This Help VCCC?

As a church we currently minister from three different locations. We have the Main Campus for weekly ministry, the church park for special events and weekly outreach to the community, and the Maxine Theater for Sunday morning worship.

Of the different locations that we minister from, it takes the most effort to minister on a weekly basis at the Maxine Theater. Some of the ways our church will benefit by moving our worship services back to the Main Campus are:

  • Less effort and energy will be needed to minister in two locations rather than three.
  • Church equipment and volunteers will experience less wear-and-tear because there will no longer be weekly set-up and take down.
  • Permanent classrooms will provide a better learning environment for our youth and children.
  • Main Campus parking provides shorter and easier access to Sunday morning worship for people of all ages.
  • We will be saving money that is currently spent on renting the Maxine Theater and High School Classrooms.
  • Children and youth rooms will be closer for parents on Sunday mornings.



When will the move back to the Main Campus for Sunday worship take place?

Our lease with the Maxine Theater ends in March of 2017. We will worship at the Church Park under the tent for the first three Sundays in April. Our first worship services back at the Main Campus will take place Sunday, April 23 (this is the first Sunday after Easter). We will be holding a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, January 31, 7:00pm at the Main Campus to give additional information about the move and answer questions.


Does moving back mean that we are no longer looking to build a new church on the church property?

No.  Moving back to the Main Campus in no way hinders our plan to build on the church property. It actually is a step closer to our ultimate goal of being able to minister from one location. We are in the process of receiving our rough grading permit and we look to start grading on the new property by Summer 2017. Once rough grading is completed we will evaluate the timing of when to begin final design and construction of the church buildings. There are many reasons why it is important for our church to keep moving toward building a new campus.

  1. The Main Campus does not allow for significant growth.
  2. The Main Campus buildings are likely to need significant repairs in the next 5-10 years.
  3. The Main Campus does not provide an optimal space for worship on Sunday mornings.
  4. A new facility would provide better opportunities for community outreach.



The Main Campus is older and not as up to date as the Maxine Theater. Are any changes going to be made before we move back?

Yes.  Since the County has said that the Main Campus buildings cannot be structurally changed in any way, we are looking to make aesthetic and access improvements on the inside and outside of the buildings. Things like painting, flooring, seating, heating and air conditioning, windows and audio-visual systems are all being evaluated to make them more conducive to Sunday morning worship and weekday ministries.


The Main Campus sanctuary is smaller than the Maxine Theater. Will we still be able to hold one service?

No.  Due to the size of our congregation and the size of the sanctuary at the Main Campus we will begin offering two services on Sunday mornings with a fellowship time in-between (the times of the services have not yet been determined). We desire that many will utilize the two services as an opportunity to both attend worship and to serve the church family as greeters, parking team, children or youth workers, music team, etc.


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