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Coronavirus Updates

Email sent by Pastor David Wojnicki to church body on Tuesday, March 17, 11:56 am

Hi Church Family,

Let me say on behalf of the pastoral staff and our families that we missed seeing you all this past Sunday. While we wished we could have worshiped with you in person, we are grateful to the Lord for the technology that allowed us to live stream the service to all of you. We were blown away to see that over 320 of you viewed the entire service and by the end, 580 people were watching it live around the country. Beyond those who viewed the service live, since the video of the service was uploaded to youtube, it has been viewed over 9,000 times! Yes, you read that right 9,000 views. We definitely were not expecting this, but church, our God is here, he is not going anywhere, and he is accomplishing his plans. If you were not able to view the service from Sunday you can still do so by clicking here.


What Lies Ahead:
As I shared on Sunday, right now we will continue to hold a live online worship service each Sunday at 9:30AM. Because we would love to have additional interaction with as many of you as possible, immediately following the service this Sunday we will keep the live stream going and hold a live question and answer time. I will be joined by the other pastors to answer any questions you may have about the past two messages or just simply questions about the Christian faith. To submit your questions, text or email them to We look forward to interacting with you.

In addition to streaming Sunday worship, beginning next Monday, we will be streaming a live devotional from one of the pastors each day to encourage you and your growth in the Lord during this time. We will be emailing information on how to access these videos later in the week. 

At this time all of our regular ministry activities and meetings will be canceled for the foreseeable future. Our hope at this time is that we will be able to hold our first worship service back together on Palm Sunday, April 5 at the Church Park and that regular ministry will resume following Easter Sunday, April 12th. All of this, of course, is subject to change and so we will continue to send out weekly updates as information becomes available. If you have needs or prayer requests please do not hesitate to let us know by emailing them to All emails sent there go directly to the pastoral staff. 

Finally, my dear church family, I pray that in the days and weeks ahead, this will be a time that causes us to draw closer to the God who saved us. As I mentioned in my message, now is the time for us to evaluate what and who we are living for. The God who saved us and made us new creations has given us a new life that we would live to make much of him. In these days of uncertainty, please join me in praying earnestly for the people of our world, our nation, and our community.  Pray that as everything gets stripped away, they would see the one Rock that will never be moved, Jesus Christ, and that they would turn to him. 

God bless you and love you church family,
Pastor David 

Email sent by the elders to church body on Friday, March 13, 11:08 am

Dear Church Family,

Well, what a week this has been! We were really looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday; however, as you may have heard, the State and County governments have asked us as citizens to not gather in groups larger than 250.

After much discussion, we believe it is right for Valley Center Community Church to act in compliance with the mandate given by our State and County governments, which prohibits large gatherings for the next three weeks.  We consider complying with this mandate to be an act of love to our neighbors and a sign of good citizenship. We are not placing these two aspects above our love for God, but seeing this as just a temporary measure, and a means to live out God’s calling to love others. Therefore, we will not be holding our regular corporate worship services for the next three Sundays (March 15, 22, and 29). This is not a decision that we came to lightly. Gathering for corporate worship is one of the essential parts of what we believe it means to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

While we will not be gathering in person during these next three weeks, we will be streaming a live worship service with a new sermon each Sunday at 9:30 AM. We are providing the live stream because we want to encourage you to continue to gather together with us, even if not under the same roof. Remember, we no longer live for ourselves but live to make much of him, and so we still set aside Sunday morning to worship the God who saved us. To join us for worship, simply go to our website,, for instructions.

Along with online worship, the church office will remain open during the week, and the pastoral staff and elders will be available and continue to provide ongoing ministry to the church family. For the upcoming week, all meetings and ministry activities are canceled. We will be sending out updates and information on future events in the days to come.

I would ask you to remember that while our gathering for worship will look different, the call to be and make disciples remains. Because of this, please join with my family and me in continuing to pursue growth in Jesus, to give financially in support of the church and pray for the lost and hurting among us.

Church family, I look forward to worshipping with you all again in person very soon. Until then, let me encourage you that during this time, while some might live in fear, let us live in faith and continue to share and show the love of Jesus!

Pastor David

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