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K-5th Grade
Sunday Mornings

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Each Sunday, children (Kindergarten through 5th grade) spend time worshiping with their family during the singing portion of the worship service. Before the pastor comes to speak, the children are then dismissed to BibleQuest, a service geared to enhance their understanding of the Gospel through the Old and New Testament while in large and small group settings.  Impacting media and music are utilized and children are given family devotional guides to help parents and their children grow together in understanding God and His Word.

Please note: Children are allowed to remain with their family in the worship center throughout the entire service.

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Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

This group will take a journey through the Old Testament during the 2015-2016 year. They will study Genesis through Malachi and see the Gospel message shine through while using curriculum of the Gospel Project.

3rd – 5th Grade

This group will working through the different New Testament books and learning how to read scriptures for themselves while discovering the Gospel truths that help us live out our Christian faith.

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In order to help provide a safe environment for your children, VCCC utilities a check-in/check-out process.

Simply bring your child to the check-in counter (located in the foyer of the Maxine Theater), sign your child in and receive a printed label to place on your child. (Don’t worry, if you forget to do this before service, you can take a moment to quickly check them in during the fellowship time of the service when the children are dismissed.)

After the service, you can pick up your child just outside the west doors (left of the stage) where they will be waiting with their leader.

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