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What is Men’s Ministry 2×2?

Men’s Ministry 2×2 is a discipleship opportunity where two men meet, twice a month, to engage in conversation through specific questions for the purpose of encouraging each other in the Lord, building one another up, and pray for one another.

How does Men’s Ministry 2×2 work?

Meet with another man, twice a month for two months (either in person or over the phone) for prayer, accountability, and encouragement. Once you have met for two months, commit to meet for another two months or look to find another brother in the Lord to do the same with.

Use the questions below to help guide you through your 2×2 meetings.

Getting started:

  • How has God blessed you this week? What went right?
  • Was there a problem that consumed your thoughts this week? What went wrong?

Spiritual Life:

  • Did you read God’s Word consistently? (How often, how long? Why not? Will you read it this week?)
  • Describe your prayers for yourself, others, praise, worship, confession, gratitude.
  • How is your relationship with Christ evolving?
  • How were you tempted this week and how did you respond?
  • Do you have unconfessed sin?
  • Did you worship at church this week? Was your faith strengthened?

Home Life:

  • How is your relationship with your wife? (meaningful conversation, time together, attitudes, intimacy, her relationship with Christ)
  • How are your children? (giving them encouragement, quantity and quality time, point them to Jesus Christ)
  • How are your finances? (your spending, debt, giving, sharing, saving)
  • Have you used your time wisely?

Work Life:

  • How are things going at work? (relationships, temptations, stress problems, working too much)

Ministry Life:

  • What have you done this week to…
    1. call someone to live in Christ – salvation or abide
    2. equip someone to live like Christ – grow or train
    3. send them to live for Christ – make disciples, love, serve others
  • How have you shared your faith?
  • What have you done for someone else this week that can’t be repaid?
  • How is your moral and ethical behavior?
  • Are the visible you and the real you consistent in your relationships?


Close with 10-15 minutes of prayer. Focus on concerns of the week

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