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October 6 - November 3

28 Days of Prayer Videos

Week 1 Video

Letter from the Elders.

Greetings Church Family,

Twenty years ago the leadership of our church looked at our aging facilities and a growing community and recognized that one day we would need a new church campus. Because of this, over the last twenty years, big steps and small steps were taken to make the new campus a reality. The property for the future church was purchased and paid off, county permits and rezoning were obtained, and in the last four years, improvements were made on the property to prepare the site for construction.

Today, we have a clear picture of what it will cost to complete the new church and a timeline for construction. Never in the history of this endeavor have we been this close to its completion. Currently, we are in the final stages of receiving our permit for final grading and underground utilities. We anticipate work to begin on both of these before the end of the year. Along with the grading/utilities plan, we have submitted plans to obtain a building permit for a worship center and multi-purpose building. Approval of this permit should be completed in the first few months of 2020.

For the first time ever, the only thing keeping us from beginning construction is having enough money. As it stands today, $2.6 million is needed in gifts and pledges to cover the remaining cost for the construction of these two new church buildings. The timing and completion of this project are in the hands of our sovereign God. Because of this, we want to ask you to do something with us, PRAY! Specifically, would you join us in a concentrated 28 Days of Prayer, from Sunday, October 6th through Sunday, November 3rd? During these four weeks, we are asking the members of our church family to daily ask God to provide the money to complete the new church campus.

The 28 Days of Prayer will begin with an evening of worship and prayer at the Church Park on Sunday, October 6th from 6:00-7:00 pm. Our time at the park will include a special prayer walk around the site, praying for the ministry that will happen and the people impacted by worship at the site. A special For Such A Time As This – 28 Days of Prayer bookmark will also be available for you and your family to use.

God wants us to pray. God invites us to pray. He wants us to make our needs known. The need for a new church campus grows with each passing day. Only God can provide what is necessary for its completion.

Please come. Please pray with us.
The Elders of Valley Center Community Church

New Campus Updates

Things to Pray For

“God, would you intercede so that we have all the financial resources necessary to begin construction once our building permit is approved in 2020?”

“God, would you move in the hearts of the members of our church family so that 100% of us will contribute to building the new church campus?”

“God, would you raise-up those outside the church to help contribute to the building of our church?”

“God, would you reduce the cost of the project through gifts-in-kind and discounted labor/material?”

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