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Women's Wednesday Bible Study

Wednesdays, Beginning September 14

9:00am-10:30am or 7:00pm-8:30pm

"The Word of the Lord"

This fall, we are going to be joining a familiar author, but working through some maybe not so familiar texts. Nancy Guthrie is going to take us on a journey through seeing Jesus in the prophets and the Old Testament in her study called, “The Word of the Lord.”

Ten weeks. Ten sessions.

Here is the schedule that we have planned for the ten-week study:

September 14 – Chapter 1: Introduction

September 21 – Chapter 2: Jonah

September 28 – Chapter 3: Hosea

October 5 – Chapter 4: Micah

October 12 – Chapter 5: Isaiah

October 19 – Chapter 6: Habakkuk

October 26 – Chapter 7: Jeremiah

November 2 – Chapter 8: Daniel

November 9 – Chapter 9: Ezekiel

November 16 – Chapter 10: Malachi

Is there homework?

There is opportunity for you to grow more on your own at home through the personal study time, whether you have five minutes a day or forty. Here’s some examples of what your time at home could look like based on how much time you have to give:

30-40 minutes a day – work through all the personal study*, read the chapter and spend some time contemplating the questions in the discussion guide

20-30 minutes a day – work through the personal study*, read only the “looking forward” section of the chapter, and look over the questions in the discussion guide

10-20 minutes a day – work through the personal study* and read the “looking forward” section of the chapter

5 minutes a day – read through the bible texts that are in the personal study

No time each week – come to the study and be filled by truth and fellowship with other beloved women of God!

*personal study time can vary greatly from person to person, Nancy encourages us that what is most important is “not how much time it takes but planning a time to work through the personal bible study and keeping that appointment”

Does the study cost anything?

Attending the Women’s Wednesday Bible Study is free. However, there is a minimal cost for the material. You can purchase the book, “The Word of the Lord” through VCCC ($11.00 online when you sign up or 10.00 in person (cash/check)).

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